We have a large Facebook group that is a great place to connect with other members.

We also have some smaller, more specific groups, including a group for people affected by brainstem lesionsspinal lesions, and those who are parents of affected children or are caregivers.

You can also join our local Colorado Facebook Group.

Center of Excellence (COE):

University of New Mexico

Medical Director and Vascular Neurologist:  Dr. Michel Torbey

Phone:  (505) 272-3160

For a complete list of Center of Excellence faculty, please visit our Center of Excellence page.

upcoming events

If you’re interested in working with us to create a local group to fundraise or for support, reach out to Linda Fuchser at

Our calendar shares both local events and also national opportunities. You will see that we have support groups twice a week and also CCM101 once a month, as well as monthly webinars and community gatherings.

If there are no events in your state, you will see events online and around the country.