Research & Clinical Trials

Cavernous malformation research is an active area where scientists are working to fully understand the biology of the disease. Some do this by focusing on laboratory studies with molecules, cells, or animals. Researchers have also begun to include humans in studies, which is known as clinical research. These clinical studies can help us understand how the illness affects people over time (natural history studies) or can assign volunteers to groups that receive health-related interventions to compare their effectiveness (clinical trials). These research studies require human participants like you.

The Research and Clinical Trials submenus will direct you to more information related to a variety of research topics including study participation, information about the progress of treatments under development, breaking news, and an overview of active research studies around the world.

Everyone with a cavernous malformation in the brain or spinal cord can join the Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation Registry to receive personalized notifications about new research and to add to our understanding of the illness. Registering takes only 20 minutes.


Last updated 8.21.23