Potential New Drug Trial: BA-1049

Rho Kinase Inhibitor BA-1049 Moving Forward for CCM.

The medicine being developed by BioAxone to treat CCM has been licensed to Neurelis to move forward to trials. Neurelis intends to file an investigational new drug application with FDA in 2022. We will have another trial and another potential treatment!

Read BioAxone/Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation statement here

Read Neurelis statement here

BA-1049 is a Rho kinase inhibitor like fasudil and is more targeted than atorvastatin. Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation has played a large role in the development of this drug by bringing CCM to the attention of BioAxone, connecting the company with our academic labs, and supporting their efforts to license the medicine to a larger company. Since BA-1049 has shown an effect in mice bred with CCM mutations, the next step for the medicine will be filing an investigational new drug application with FDA and moving to Phase I trials, in which healthy individuals take the medicine to make sure it is safe. Neurelis has the capacity to move the drug forward in this way.