University of Virginia recognized as CCM Center of Excellence

UVA Health SystemAlliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation is pleased to announce that we are recognizing the University of Virginia Health System as a CCM Center of Excellence. UVA was first recognized as a CCM Clinical Center in 2018, a designation that indicates they provide integrated, expert multi-disciplinary care for CCM patients.

Under the leadership of Medical Director Dr. Min Park, UVA Health System now meets the additional criteria required for CCM Center of Excellence status.


  • UVA is now seeing 100+ CCM patients each year.
  • They have an active research program that is working on several projects, including testing focused ultrasound as a potential treatment, developing new ways of using mice to measure the efficacy of treatments, and analyzing their clinical database to understand better the factors that lead to better or worse patient outcomes.
  • They have added two additional faculty to the CCM program, Dr. Erika Axeen, a pediatric neurologist, and Dr. Nancy Vilar, a neuro-ophthalmologist.

The UVA Center of Excellence page on our website has a complete list of their faculty as well as contact and local lodging information. It’s not easy to be recognized as a CCM Center of Excellence – check out the complete Center of Excellence criteria.

Congratulations to UVA!