University of Virginia Health System

Recognized as CCM Center of Excellence 4/6/2021.  Public Announcement

Recognized as Clinical Center 7/30/2018.

Phone: (434) 924-2735

UVA-provided lodging information  UVA has both a Ronald McDonald House for families with children and a Hospitality House for adults ($10/night/person). If staying at the Hospitality House, we recommend earplugs and a white noise device (it’s near the frats and sororities), a pillow, and, if a hard mattress bothers you, a twin-size foam pad. Family members who are sleeping in the hospital can also use the Hospitality House for showers. The link above provides information about these lodging options as well as local hotels and pet boarding.

Address: 1215 Lee Street, Charlottesville, VA 22908

Number of Outpatients Appointments Annually (2020): 100

Number of Inpatient Days Annually (2017): 15

Number of CCM Research Publications 2013-2018: 10


Medical Director and Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon: Min Park, MD

Cerebrovascular Neurologist: Bradford Worrall, MD 

Epileptologist: Andrew Southerland, MD

Pediatric Neurologist: Erika Axeen, MD

Genetic Counselor: Matthew Thomas, Sc.M.

Nurse Coordinator: Zuseen Rannigan, RN, MSN, FNP

Neuro-ophthalmologist: Nancy Vilar, MD, PhD

Dermatologist: Barrett Zlotoff, MD 

Second Opinion Information

Second opinions can be scheduled by calling Ashley Rush at 434-924-2735.  It is essential that your medical records, including pertinent notes, imaging reports, images, etc… are forwarded to the UVA team in advance.  When you call to schedule, you will be provided with details on how this can be accomplished as well as the details of your appointment.

Summary of the UVA Research Program

UVA is currently investigating the feasibility of focused ultrasound as a treatment for CCM using newly developed mouse model technology. More information can be found on the Focused Ultrasound Foundation website.


Last updated 05.22.23