University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Recognized as a CCM Clinical Center on 5/19/2022

Public Announcement

Name:  University of California Los Angeles

Phone: 310-825-5111

Address: 300 Stein Plaza, Suite 420 Los Angeles, CA  90095

Number of CCM outpatients seen in 2021:  67

Number of inpatient CCM patient days in 2021:  254

Number of CCM research publications in last 5 years:  2

Patients may also be seen at Mattel Children’s Hospital, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center


Medical Director and Neurosurgeon:  Anthony C. Wang, MD

Co-Medical Directors and Neurosurgeons:  Jeremiah N. Johnson, MD; Geoffrey P. Colby, MD

Vascular Neurology:  Latisha K. Sharma, MD

Epileptologist: John M. Stern, MD

Geneticist:  Julian A. Martinez, MD, PhD

Interventional Neuroradiology:  Gary R. Duckwiler, MD

Researchers:  Anthony C. Wang, MD; Geoffrey P. Colby, MD; Jeremiah N. Johnson, MD

Nurse Coordinators: Jennifer Isorena, NP

UCLA Cavernous Malformation Program

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Updated on 02.15.2024