Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center



Name:  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Date of first recognition:  February 1, 2023

Main address:  110 Francis Street, Suite 3B, Boston, MA  02215

Phone:  617-632-9940

Number of CCM Outpatients Annually:  300

Number of CCM Inpatient Days Annually:  100


Christopher S. Ogilvy, MD, Director and Neurosurgeon

Philipp Taussky, MD, Co-Director and Neurosurgeon

Magdy H. Selim, MD, PhD, Neurologist

Sandeep Kumar, MD, Vascular Neurologist

Jennifer L. Dearborn-Tomazos, MD, Vascular Neurologist

Bernard Chang, MD, Epileptologist

Srivastava Siddharth, MD, Geneticist (at Boston Children’s)

David B. Hackney, MD, Neuroradiologist

Deidre Buckley, RN, Nurse Practitioner