Strides To Cure CCM

Text on pictures says 30 miles in 30 days. Are you up for the challenge? Photos are of people participating in past Strides To Cure events.

May 15th-June 15th

The Strides to Cure CCM 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge is an inspiring and empowering fundraising initiative designed to raise awareness and support for cavernous malformation research. Over the course of 30 days, participants commit to walking, running, biking, hiking, rolling, or moving a total of 30 miles, taking strides towards a future where effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Cavernous Malformations (CCM) are a reality. You can also ask a friend of family member to commit to 30 miles in honor of you!

This challenge not only serves as a powerful symbol of the journey many individuals and families navigate in dealing with CCM but also as a proactive means to foster community, solidarity, and hope. Participants are encouraged to share their progress, stories, and motivations across social media platforms, using a designated #StridesToCureCCM to connect with others in the CCM community and beyond. This visibility is vital in educating the public about CCM, amplifying the voices of those affected, and highlighting the importance of ongoing research.

Fundraising is a key component of the challenge, with each participant or team setting a goal to raise funds through their network of friends, family, and colleagues. These funds go directly towards supporting cutting-edge research projects, patient support services, and awareness campaigns orchestrated by the Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation. By providing essential resources to researchers and advocates, participants’ efforts make a tangible difference in the quest to understand, treat, and ultimately cure Cavernous Malformations.

The “Strides to Cure CCM 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge” is more than just a fundraising event; it’s a movement.

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