UW Medicine’s Harborview Medical Center

Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation Recognizes UW Medicine’s Harborview Medical Center as a CCM Clinical Center on November 3, 2022

Public Announcement

Name:  UW Medicine’s Harborview Medical Center

Phone:  206-744-9347

Address:  908 Jefferson Street, 5th Floor, Seattle, WA  98104

Number of CCM outpatients seen in 2021:  74

Number of CCM inpatient days in 2021:  61

Number of CCM research publications in last 5 years:  5


Louis Kim, MD, MBA, Director and Neurological Surgeon
Laligam Sekhar, MD, Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon
Michael Levitt, MD, Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon
David Tirshwell, MD, Cerebrovascular Neurologist
Nicholas Poolos, MD, PhD, Epileptologist
Fuki Hisama, MD, Geneticist
Jonathan Medverd, MD, Radiologist
● Samantha Hershey, RN, Nurse Manager

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Second Opinion Information

UW Harborview provides second opinions regularly, including for CCMs.
If it is for an in-state patient, the patient must check for insurance coverage. If it is for an out-of-state patient, either a televisit is provided, or pre-authorization is pursued for a live visit.
Second opinions via televisit for out-of-state patients: fee to be determined.
Service includes a review of films, direct consultation with the patient, written medical note with a summary of key information and recommendations, and a summary letter with an attached note to the primary care physician or to the patient.
Please call 206-744-9347 and ask for Shelby Goettle to schedule a second opinion appointment or for additional information.


Updated 05/16/23

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