New Mexico Community

New Mexico has the highest prevalence of CCM in the world because of a founder mutation that began in the early 1600s in the original Hispanic families, Common Hispanic Mutation. Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation ran the Baca Family Historical Project in New Mexico from 2017-2020. The New Mexico Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation Community was formed in March 2020 to begin transitioning programming to our volunteers.

New Mexico volunteers have been successful in advocating for numerous pieces of legislation, beginning in 2006.  Joyce Gonzales, who began as a volunteer has performed the genealogy work that has led to identifying the founding families.  The UNM Health Sciences Center is a Center of Excellence, and our volunteers work closely with staff on patient programming and research activities. Please join us!

Co-Chairs:  Toby and Lori Arnett

Vice-Chair and Grant Support:  Candelaria Romero

Treasurer and NM Legislative Liaison:  Joyce Gonzales

Event Committee Co-Chairs:  James and Sheri Baca

Alliance Staff-Community Development Specialist:  Linda Fuchser

Please reach us at or join our Facebook group.

Center of Excellence (COE):

Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation has recognized the University of New Mexico Health System as a Center of Excellence.

Medical Director and Vascular Neurologist: Dr. Michel Torbey

Phone:  (505) 272-3160

For more information about our other Centers of Excellence, please visit our information page.

upcoming events

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