Research Funding Policy

The Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation does not accept unsolicited research funding requests.

How We Make Funding Decisions

  • Decisions are informed by progress in the larger scientific field. We pick areas based on importance, feasibility, and potential impact within 5 years. We talk to a broad range of researchers in and outside of CCM.
  • We define the experiment or desired outcome.
  • We identify 2-3 labs that we believe could do the experiments based on expertise, available technology (including mice), and bandwidth, and we rank them. We do not put out a call.
  • We directly request proposals from our pre-selected labs, starting with our highest-ranked lab. We often play a large role in crafting the experiment with weekly meetings and proposal revisions.
  • We will negotiate a contract to include post-doc funding as needed, go/no-go points, and frequent (monthly) check-ins.
  • The Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation does not fund indirect costs.



Updated 12.1.2023