Financial/Insurance Resources

Resources to help with medical expenses

Rights Information

Health Insurance Consumer Guides

PBS provides an interactive United States map that links to consumer guides for each state.

National Health Law Program

A project of the National Health Law Program (NheLP), a non-profit legal organization. For more than 30 years, NheLP has worked to improve access to quality health care, educate consumers about their legal rights, and provide information and policy advocacy.

National Council on Disability (NCD)

The NCS is an independent federal agency whose purpose is to promote policies and programs that guarantee equal opportunity and economic independence for individuals with disabilities, regardless of the nature or severity of the disability.

American Disabilities Act

A U.S. Department of Justice site with extensive and up-to-date information on the ADA.

Insurance Advocacy/Case Management

Patient Advocate Foundation

Offers free case management services for those with life-threatening diseases. Case managers assist with disability, health insurance navigation including prior authorization, appeals for denied services, second opinion options, and screening for clinical trials. The case managers also assist patients who are experiencing financial challenges that are impacting their ability to pay for care and the basic cost of living expenses like housing, utilities, food and transportation, researching and linking them to available financial support programs that may meet some of these needs.  Uninsured patients are also supported by the program with direct support in accessing public programs, health insurance enrollment, and charity care that will allow access to necessary care.

Prescription Drug Assistance

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

For qualified patients who lack prescription coverage, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance offers a single point of access to more than 475 public and private patient assistance programs, including more than 150 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.


This information resource lists more than 300 programs and companies offering assistance with the cost of medical prescriptions. Includes patient assistance programs, state and local programs, and disease-specific programs.

Travel Assistance

Air Care Alliance

A central listing of free air transportation services provided by volunteer pilots and charitable aviation groups. The Listings page provides links and other contact information for regional, national, and international groups, including Mercy Medical AirliftMiracle Flights for Kids, and many others.

Angel Flight America

Arranges free flights to hospitals for patients and their families. It is a charitable, national network consisting of seven regional groups and over 5,000 private pilots.

Children’s Flight of Hope

The mission is to provide free air transportation to and from medical facilities for critically ill and injured children. Qualifications include financial need and flights that originate or conclude within 200 miles of the Raleigh-Durham North Carolina area.

LifeLine Pilots

A private, non-profit organization that offers access to free air transportation for people of all ages who are in medical and financial need. Travel is by small private aircraft.

Lodging Assistance

National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses (NAHHH)

A nonprofit corporation, the mission is to provide family lodging and support services for those seeking medical treatment far from home. Search for lodging by geographic location.

Ronald McDonald House

Serves as a temporary residence for families of children receiving treatment in medical facilities away from home. Accommodations are free or inexpensive. There are more than 245 Ronald McDonald Houses in 26 countries.