Trial Readiness Project

UPDATE (JULY 22, 2022): THE TRIAL READINESS PROJECT IS NOW FULLY ENROLLED. THANK YOU TO OUR MEMBERS WHO ARE PARTICIPATING IN THIS IMPORTANT EFFORT! In preparation for large multi-center clinical trials, a study team including the University of Chicago, University of New Mexico, Mayo Clinic, Barrow Neurological Institute, University of California San Francisco, and the University of Utah, aims to establish a research infrastructure for future trials.

This Trial Readiness project will assess potential patient cohorts across study sites and hemorrhage rates in those patient groups. Furthermore, the team will validate the reproducibility and reliability of imaging biomarkers at multiple institutions. Study participants will be asked to provide baseline clinical information with a group that will be followed annually for two to three years.

For more information, view this informative WEBINAR delivered by Dr. Issam Awad.

If you receive care at the participating institutions, and you have suffered a symptomatic hemorrhage in the prior year, you will be screened and asked to enroll in this study.


Reviewed 4.17.22