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“Biscochito,” our first children’s book, is a delightful tale written by the talented author Aditi Kantipuly and brought to life through the enchanting illustrations of Luz Adriana Manozca. This heartwarming children’s story is told by two special individuals, Colton Arnett and Atiana Tenorio, who are the voices behind the book and patients of cavCover of Bischochito book, orange cover with a heart drawn with the book name written in a heart. A drawing of Mateo and Nana, the characters from the story, are on the cover. ernous malformation – common Hispanic mutation. Readers, get ready to embark on “Nana’s” story to her grandson “Mateo” of a health condition she lives with. It is a journey filled with love and strength that arise from supporting one another, one biscochito at a time.

This book is most appropriate for those with the familial form of CCM.

A cavernous malformation is a raspberry-shaped abnormal blood vessel in the brain or spinal cord that can hemorrhage and cause strokes, seizures, disability, and even death in both children and adults. People with hereditary forms of the illness can develop many cavernous malformations in a lifetime. Currently, brain surgery is the only treatment. Alliance To Cure Cavernous Malformation is working with researchers to develop medications that will prevent hemorrhage and prevent the development of more lesions.

Funds will be used to support the Alliance To Cure Cavernous Malformation DNA and Tissue Bank, a patient registry, an international scientific meeting, and the development of clinical centers of excellence. We are driving research toward a cure!

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