Webinar – PIK3CA Mutation and CCM Lesion Growth


The recorded webinar is now available online on our YouTube channel.


Join us on Tuesday, June 8th at 1 pm ET, 10 am PT for a webinar discussing new research on the causes of CCM lesion growth.

CCM lesions develop when blood vessel cells (endothelial cells) lose the function for one of the CCM genes. New research shows us that, for those lesions that are actively growing and causing symptoms, the endothelial cells also have acquired mutations in a common cancer-causing gene called PIK3CA. This discovery adds to the body of knowledge related to CCM biology and identifies a new target for treatment and a possible class of medicine. Dr. Kahn and Dr. Marchuk discuss their research and findings.

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This is the first of a 2-part webinar series on this topic. On June 16th, Dr. Issam Awad will share information about rapamycin as well as offer updates on the atorvastatin trial, biomarkers, and COVID.