University of Miami Jackson Health System

Recognized as a CCM Center of Excellence 11/22/2021
Recognized as a CCM Clinical Center 4/09/2020

Phone: 305-355-1101

Address:  Jackson Health System
1611 NW 12th Ave
Miami, FL  33136

Number of Outpatient CCM patients annually: ~100

Number of CCM Inpatient Days in the last year: ~50

Satellite Facilities:  Jackson Health System, Holtz Children’s Hospital

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Medical Director and Cerebrovascular Surgeon:  Dr. Robert Starke

Clinical Coordinator: Gianna Tomassetti, PA

Cerebrovascular Neurologist: Dr. Negar Asdaghi

Epileptologist: Dr. Kamil Netyniecki

Geneticist:  Dr. Willa Thorson

Radiologist:  Dr. Rita Ghose Bhatia

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University of Miami Health System’s Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Program

Summary of the University of Miami/Jackson Health System’s Research Program

Our CCM research consists of the collection of samples from the operating room to assess genetic and molecular alterations that lead to the formation, progression, and rupture of CCMs.

Our clinical research focuses on the assessment of outcomes of treated and untreated CCM patients. We also are investigating novel minimally invasive means to remove CCMs.


Updated 01/06/2023