Lurie Children’s Hospital

Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago recognized as a CCM Clinical Center on July 21, 2023

Public Announcement

Name: Ann and Robert H. Lurie Hospital of Chicago

Phone for initial contact: 312-227-4220

Address: 225 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Number of CCM outpatient appointments annually in 2022-23: 40

Lurie’s CCM webpage



Medical Director and Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon: Sandi Lam, MD

Nurse Coordinator: Daisy Vasquez, APRN-NP

Cerebrovascular Neurologist: Megan Barry, DO

Cerebrovascular Neurologist: Divakar Mithal, MD

Epileptologist: Rebecca Garcia-Sosa, MD

Geneticist: Carlos Prada, MD

Radiologist: Sarah Moum, MD

Additional Faculty

Genetic Counselors: Jelana Ivanisevic, MS, CGC and Erin McGinnis, MS, CGC

Interventional Radiology: Ali Shaibani, MD and Donald Cantrell, MD, PhD

Radiology: Maura Ryan, MD

Neurosurgeons: Michael DeCuypere, MD,  PhD and Jeffrey Raskin, MD

Epileptologist: David Bieber, MD

Neurology: Carolina Salazar, DNP, APRN and Rachel Nidea, RN

Clinical Research Coordinator: Sarah G. Rose

Second Opinion

Second opinions at the CCM Clinical Center are handled similarly to first appointments. Please call the central contact number above to speak with the nurse coordinator to discuss sending images and clinical records and setting up an appointment.


Dr. Sandi Lam has received a grant through PCORI to study the burden of seizure of families with children diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaux syndrome, a disorder that causes severe epilepsy. While this is not directly related to CCM, the information gleaned about the burden of care may be useful in clinical decision-making more generally. The program also has an IRB-approved pediatric neurovascular registry and database.


As of this writing, Lurie will be adding a pediatric neuropsychologist and a patient coordinator to their CCM Clinical Center team. They are currently interviewing candidates.

Updated 10.25.2023